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Player Complaint
Your BYOND Key
Date of Incident
January 22, 2020
Your Character Name?
NUCLEAR (at the time was playing a standard cyborg)
Their BYOND Key
Liz May

Approximate time and date of the incident
not exactly sure but it was late night (probably 11 AM EST to 5 AM est)

Witness: Zega Valentinus (Nora Rhodes), LostXeno (Jesus Ranthen), not sure his ckey but Lunar Blackwind's player

so this was a fairly late night round a few days back when I was playing. I had noticed that the player playing as the warden was doing an alright job of handling things and I didn't really pay much attention to it. I was minding my own business but it was evident that Jesus Ranthen was lonely and needed someone to chat to, I went into the prison and chatted with him. Got him food and drink until the warden dismissed me which was OK. Their prison their rules. I go around doing cyborg tasks and keeping an eye on the two prisoners (Jesus Ranthen and some random, don't remember their name sorry.) in order to help the warden keep track and to just make sure that they are being treated well. Some time fast forwards and I hear that the warden has went SSD. I think "ok, so what's going to happen to these two prisoners?" and I go take a look at them. They are active doing their own thing. 

I give them some more food and drink, make sure they are good medically and leave them to their devices, occasionally checking up on them. I decided to click on "Advanced Who" at the time and saw that the player who plays as the warden was observing which was a bit weird. I thought maybe they went SSD and was dragged by someone into cyrogenics and are trying to respawn after coming back online. I noticed that a police officer spawned into the city. I welcome them and inform them of the two prisoners being held. They say "alright, we'll handle them" and I notice some time later that Jesus is walking out of the police station in a nice suit and tie. I enquire with him about who parolled him and was congratulating him. However the congratulations ended when he said "nobody" and that the police officer just let him out. Once again, I did an "Advanced Who" and saw that the player who played as the warden was playing right now as the police officer that spawned in randomly.

I tell Jesus that unfortunately he will have to go back to prison or that he will get escaping added as an charge by an officer that may come into the city but I did not pursue matters further as I was a standard cyborg and he wasn't exactly violent. He was fully cooperative and I had bigger matters at hand. I went about doing cyborg things and I once again noticed that the warden has spawned in and I saw them get geared up and immediately go out on a hunt. I inquire if they ordered Jesus to be released or something to that matter and it wasn't added to his record(s) for whatever reason. Liz May at this point said "no" which made the matter seem even stranger.

They then brought Jesus Ranthen in for "escaping" even though he was literally let out by Liz May's other character. I did not pursue this matter further ICly or OOCly because I did not want to do wrong but I feel guilty because Jesus Ranthen may have an IC record for escaping because of this when he did not try to escape. He was cooperative and well behaved in all of my visits. I hope that my report will hopefully shed some light on what happened that night.  

I would like @Liz May to bring some light onto this, if they would?
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