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IMPORTANT: Character Death and Persistance
Heyo, all. 

As you all know, World Server is constantly exploring some fairly new territory with the level of persistence. We are committed to trying to make an environment where players shape the path the of the server, and decisions/actions have weight. 

It is during this that one area we have yet to truly nail down a hard and fast ruling for how the community handles it is character death. No doubt you are all familiar with the rule of thumb it is the player's choice exclusively. While this has worked for almost all mob or incompetence caused deaths, it has become apparent that some more set rules are necessary when it comes to player based death. 

The obvious two extremes we've had to grapple with are as such:

  1. Force intentional player caused deaths to be canon. The obvious downside being that in this case, players can lose some favorite characters on another's whim.
  2. Allow players to have total control over character death. The downside to this is that those that caused their death often are quickly caught, and have permanent prison sentences, while the killed rarely has any lasting effect.
Both myself and the other administrators are at a loss for an all pleasing way to handle this situation, as there is no easy middleground. 

Because this is such an affecting decision, we are turning to the players to hear what your suggestions are for how to handle this. Be it supporting on of the extremes or a creative solution we hadn't thought of. Please leave your ideas and discussion below so we can all come to a decision as a community.
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Just my own personal input, I'd like to see what others have to say. I'm personally of the opinion if things go through the legal system with canonization:

A) Someone canonizes their death - suspect gets murder charge.
B) Someone does not canonize their death - suspect gets attempted murder charge as it is assumed that person managed to survive/got cloned/was revived.

I think that's the best way to keep as much info as possible in my opinion, just that obviously the murderer gets boned in both instances if the person survives. If two players want to do a permadeath maybe they can discuss it together and have good sportmanship Otherwise we might have people thinking that killing is the best way to solve every interpersonal conflict ever (it'd get old) and might even be a way for players to settle "scores" on metagrudge feelings.
I feel like required permakills need admin approval.
In my opinion, we should take a page from the old school cloning rules book in regards to intentional successful murder. that being that the victim(s) cannot remember the events leading up to their death. this is also a viable excuse for intensive care survival choices instead, as well.

Part of the proposed lore for cloning here actually even includes an explanation for the why of it in the case of cloning, that being that short-term memory is lost on death, effectively meaning the person doesn't remember the whole round leading up to that death. Just utilize this in cases of "I barely survived" as well and you should be able to cover it fairly well without penalizing people in a fairly ooc way (not even death shutting up a stubborn witness) for opting to kill someone in a pinch.
(03-20-2020, 04:06 AM)dapocalypse Wrote: I feel like required permakills need admin approval.

I think this is the best way as long as admins clear it with the owner of the character AND get their approval to canonize the death

Admins should be involved in this process to prevent players from abusing the system by repeatedly validhunting antags and getting killed in the process or constantly showing any reckless/low-rp behavior that constantly gets them killed.

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