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Full Version: TheAmazingMan97's Loremaster Application
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World Server Staff Application

Basic Information
Byond Account: TheAmazingMan97
Character Name(s): NUCLEAR, Tim Goldberg, Luke Blumanstein
Discord username + tag: Luke#7996
Age: 22 as of writing. 
Timezone: American EST.
Usual Activity Times?: Depends on my schedule, I try to be on when I can and usually for 3 hours or so.

How long have you played SS13?: Since it first came out in 2007.
How long have you played on World Server: Since Early February or Late January of this year. 
Do you have any experience moderating for an SS13 server?: Yes, I have been in almost all staff positions imaginable on SS13 ranging from a Moderator all way up to a host. During my time as staff I was average for a staff member handling jobbans and bans as well as general help requests. 
Have you ever been banned, and if so, how long and why?: I have been banned at least a few times since SS13 came out. Most of these originated back from when SS13 lacked roleplay servers (2010 to 2014, goon-era) and were more like casual servers where griefing and other such things were more commonplace (but not allowed at the same time)... Basically what I did in order to deserve those bans was create action (e.g. releasing a virus, beating someone who started fighting me at first to death) .. These bans ranged in variations. Anybody worth their salt who has been playing since 2007 has been banned at least one to three times and I was much younger then as I was in my adolescent era. 

Personal Questions
Why do you play SS13?: Well, there is many reasons. Space Station Thirteen has always been a good game since it was first released. I would come back home from elementary school and hop on and run around and just have fun. Back then, it was more of a deathmatch type game and I would spend rounds hunting traitors or fighting off syndicate invaders. I enjoy the fact that each round is just different and not the same old stuff like many other games is what I guess I'm trying to say.
What makes World Server appealing??: World Server is pretty different in the fact that it has a city setting compared to other settings (e.g. Mars, a Waterworld, WWII, space station, space ship, etc etc) which is something that hasn't been done before. The roleplay feels fresh and not forced, everyone has been friendly and helpful (even the laziest of players have a heart that's willing to help anybody who needs it on World Server) when they did not even have to be. It's just refreshing.
Why do you want to be on staff? I desire a loremaster position because I enjoy writing as I have written a bunch of short stories and participated in forum roleplays (e.g. NationStates which is a place where you make a nation and participate in forum roleplay ranging from diplomatic events such as a wedding or a gathering of allies all way up to science fiction based warfare.)... I would like to give the players good lore and something that will make them sit down and enjoy reading it. 

Staff Team Specific Questions
Which Staff Team are you applying for? Loremaster/Wiki Editor
Which position are you applying for? Loremaster
What does this staff team do? Write various lore for the server ranging from human history all way up to what the corporations in SS13 are all about. 
Why would you be a good fit? I have a lot of experience in Science Fiction. I know of many topics such as hostile AI takeover, alien first contact and so on. I am a fan of Star Trek while having played Stellaris (also many star wars games, mass effect) and have a great deal of fresh ideas in the Science Fiction department that could be implemented into the Lore. I also listen to my boss (or supervisor) and behave well in my duties in addition to listening to what the people have to say and what they want in general. 
Anything Else You Want to Add: