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Your BYOND Key
Date of Incident
Feb 23rd, 2016.
Your Character Name?
Father Luke Donovon (and other names)
Their BYOND Key

Approximate time and date of the incident
5:13 PM 

Witnesses: None (as far as I'm aware)

I have noticed in a few of my playthroughs that Jenna Miller aka Twinkybong loves to stuff people into solitary confinement and/or pysch-wards without food or water and never any device to communicate with people (communicator, headset). They are a good roleplayer in my opinion but this needs to be addressed.
Man, you break In a infected quarentine, and tried to escape and let the zombie escape.

The first thing we told you was not enter the hospital, you breaked the windows and enter anyways, then tried to help the zombie dude, then tried to escape WITH A RISK of infecting people, akomp told me that I can let you out because was a danger of infect.
The proper individuals have been pinged and directed here. If they do not reply to this complaint within two days I will take it over.
Hello! Sorry about the delay.

Given the fact that the round was an event round and drastic measures were taken in the spirit of that event round I will not be issuing any punishments today, however.

I would like to remind everyone to keep vigilant and remember that there are real life human beings on the otherside of that character, you shouldn't lock them in a room without interaction for the entire round, that isn't in the spirit of the game and that doesn't contribute to the overall story.

If you have any questions or want anything clarified please contact me on discord at Paean#8043.

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