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Exodias Complaint
[b]Date of Incident[/b]

Your BYOND Key

Their BYOND Key

Description of the incident
Exodias, following admin warning, continues to belittle and instigate players, even to the extent of creating "complaints" about them:
These are all clear infringements of rule one, and should be considered accordingly. Thank you.
[img]blob:[/img][img]blob:[/img][Image: xYqRNA6.png]
No rules broken here that I can see, I directly pinged an admin about a situation we discussed previously unbeknownst to you.
Additional evidence:
[img]blob:[/img][img]blob:[/img][Image: xYqRNA6.png]
based on other players behavior still not seeing the issue here.
Remember this? It applies here, as well:

[Image: FD81fsz.png]
[img]blob:[/img][img]blob:[/img][Image: xYqRNA6.png]
doesn't really support your point

aren't you the same guy who is inadvertently racist towards people who play stereotypes? Like you got upset because people played a race that wasn't the same as you?
I'm going to close this topic because Exodias is already banned, there's not much that can be done about someone who is already serving a ban for this behaviour. Opening a complaint on someone opening a complaint opening a complaint will just result in complaint-inception, and no one has time for that.

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